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Compact, rugged, lightweight, magnetron MG5436 X-Band fixed frequency pulses intended for use in marine radar. The recommended value for the MG5436 voltage is 6.3V, but a magnetron operating correctly and within the prescribed limits.

• Operating Frequency: 9410 MHz + 30
• Typical peak power: 25 kW
• Heater voltage: 6,3 V
• Heater current at 6.3 V: 0.5 A
• The minimum clearance of 25 mm must be maintained between the magnetron and any magnetic material.

Magnetron for radar Furuno: FAR2127 / BB / DC, FAR2827, FR-1525MKIII, FR-2125 / BB, FR2125V, FR-2825 fet modulator, FR-7252, FR-8252.

MG5436 X-Band Magnetron