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Compact, rugged, lightweight, magnetron MG5222 X-Band fixed frequency pulses intended for use in marine radar. Decrease of the filament voltage is not required for any value of the input power. For optimal performance, the heater voltage must be within specified limits.


Magnetron MG5222 X-Band completely replaces the magnetron M5039, being mechanically and electrically identical. Magnetron MG5222 has an increased service life.

• Operating Frequency: 9375 MHz +30
• Peak power: 25 kW
• Heater Voltage: 6,3 V
• Heater current at 6.3 V: 0.55 A
• The minimum clearance of 50 mm must be maintained between the magnetron and any magnetic materials.

Magnetron MG5222 X-Band radar for Atlas and Consilium

MG5222 X-Band Magnetron