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The compact and lightweight Magnetron of MG5230T X-Band works at frequencies of 9410 ± 30 MHz. For optimum perfomance its nessesary to have value of voltage about 6.3 V. The higher value of current 0.55 A . Time of pre-heating  cathode - 60 seconds. Cooling of the Magnetron MG5230T X-Band happens by the natural way. A magnetron MG5230T X-Band must be placed in 50 mm from any other magnetic devices, according to the maintenance instruction.

• Voltage: 5.7-6.9 V
• Current 3.0 A
• Voltage of the anode is 7.5-8.2 kV
• Current of the anode 6.0-10 A
• Cycle 0.0015
• Temperature of the anode is 120 degrees
• Time of heating of the cathode of 60 seconds
• During operation of the Magnetron of MG5230T X-Band of value can change

Magnetron MG5230T X-Band