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Lithium battery X-97780 - designed for emergency beacon Jotron Tron-40s. The service life of 5 years, it is advisable to replace the battery in accordance with the dates marking. It provides 48 hours of continuous operation after activation.
Reliable and robust housing made of polycarbonate. The battery module includes four batteries connected in series.
To replace the battery X-97780, turn the ring until it clicks and separate the top and bottom of the buoy. After disconnecting the connection, remove the old battery. After replace protecting from moisture special gasket on the bottom of the hull. Next, place the new battery, connect all the connectors and make sure that after securing the top and bottom of the protective gum does not go out. If both parts of the buoy connected firmly and tightly, there should be a test. On the implementation of all procedures - paste special markings, which will help in the future to track the shelf life of the batteries. 

Lithium battery X-97780 for emergency beacon Jotro