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Lithium battery X-97770 - designed for Jotron EPIRB TRON 45SX / 45S. We recommend replacing the battery every 5 years. The battery is completely sealed thanks to a copper foil and protected from environmental influences.
In order to replace the battery X-97770 is necessary to unscrew the pin ring. After separating of the distress beacon, carefully disconnect the battery connector. Remove the battery. Replace the old protective insert a new one. Place the new battery and make sure the correct connection. Next, attach the two parts of the ARB. Be sure to take a screening test.
• The voltage -7.2
• Rated power - 10000mAh
• Weight - 1 kg
• Type - Lithium Battery

Lithium battery X-97770 for Jotron EPIRB TRON 45SX