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Complete replacement of the battery SART McMurdo S4 - is a lithium battery which ensures operation RLS for over 5 years. After activation, ensures continuous operation of 96 hours. Suitable for SART Sailor II.


The lithium battery has been tested and is certified CCS CQ07T00007, as well as meet the requirements of the international standard IMO. A.802 (19), IMO. A.809 (19), and the IMO. A.810 (19).


The battery is disposable and can not be recharged. Supplied with special markings that would have after installing the battery monitor its expiry date and time to provide a replacement.
• Nominal capacity - 1300 mAh
• Voltage - 5.5
• Battery Type - LiMnO2
• Shelf life - 5 years
• UN Number - UN3090
• Continuous operation - 96 hours
• Weight - 297 gramm

Complete replacement of the battery SART McMurdo S